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In the midst of virtual relationships.  Of shared pictures and posted messages.  Of Birds, and Faces, and Picturegrams.

She picks up the phone.  And calls an old friend.  To listen to his voice.  As he speak to her. And only her.

Have you heard of the mighty man that once was?

He wrestled the treacherous seas.  He confronted the harsh desserts.  He battled the fierce storms.

The mighty man is old now.

He wrestles with the spoon in his cup.  He confronts the cat standing in his walkway.  He battles with the sweater that he struggles to put on.

Yet, he lives a mighty man in the hearts and minds of those he had wrestled, confronted and battled for – when he was once a mighty man.


The bell rings.  The classroom door swings open.  The children run out to the playground.

Amongst them is the leader.  He leads the children.  The children follow his every move, his every word, his every command.

While at the far end of the playground stands a timid boy, an onlooker, unwelcomed by the leader, unwelcomed by his followers.  He stands alone.

Twenty years onward.  The timid boy creates something amazing for the people.  The people follow his every move, his every word, his every inspiration.

While at the far end of the world stands the once glorious leader, with no one to lead.

Had a mother that loved him.  Had a father that was proud of him.  Had a teacher that cared for him.  Had a friend that played with him.

The little boy that once was.  Had food when hungry.  Had a bed when tired.  Had toys when bored.  Had his mother’s embrace when hurt.   And all was fine.

Until all was lost.  Then all was replaced.

With evil voices whispering in his ears.  Evil thoughts embedding in his soul.  Evil deeds placed in his hands.

And the young man was no longer the little boy that once was.

But what if the young man still had good food, a warm bed, some soul-nourishing entertainment and a loving embrace.

What if he still had his mother’s love, his father’s pride, his teacher’s support, and his friend’s company?

Would he still listen to the evil voices whispering in his ears?  Would he still welcome the evil thoughts into his soul?  Would he still grasp the evil deeds in hands?

Or, would all have remained fine.  For him and for us.