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He does it with a smile,

It’s just easier that way, smiling through the race,

It makes the water warmer, it makes the track smoother, it makes his legs stronger

And when he is done, he smiles.

My brother smiling proudly after completing his first triathlon


‘Ring!’ goes the alarm.  The morning wake up call.  To another day.

Of drudgery, toil and dreariness.  A Nine to Five ordeal.

Eating away at you, day by day by day.

That’s dying.  Don’t die.


‘Ring!’ goes the alarm.  The morning wake up call.  To a new day.

Of giving, inspiring and aspiring.  A daylong enlivenment.

Feeding your soul, day by day by day.

That’s living.  Do live.

When you grasp the box in your hands.  And you tear its wrapping paper – patterned and colored.  And you untie the ribbon – satin to one side and velvet to the other.

Your heart skips, your eyes twinkle, your fingers wiggle.  Not knowing what’s inside.

It could be chocolate.  It could be a book.  It could be a sweater.  Whatever it is.

It is simply exciting.  To be lovingly gifted.

So give.

Our minds are closets with many little compartments.  In each compartment we stash away a memory, an emotion or experience.  Some compartments we open and close.  Some we leave ajar. Some we keep shut.

From time to time, we need to empty the closet.  And separate things between ‘keep’ and ‘forgo’.

For a thorough spring cleaning of the mind.

The bell rings.  The classroom door swings open.  The children run out to the playground.

Amongst them is the leader.  He leads the children.  The children follow his every move, his every word, his every command.

While at the far end of the playground stands a timid boy, an onlooker, unwelcomed by the leader, unwelcomed by his followers.  He stands alone.

Twenty years onward.  The timid boy creates something amazing for the people.  The people follow his every move, his every word, his every inspiration.

While at the far end of the world stands the once glorious leader, with no one to lead.

Had a mother that loved him.  Had a father that was proud of him.  Had a teacher that cared for him.  Had a friend that played with him.

The little boy that once was.  Had food when hungry.  Had a bed when tired.  Had toys when bored.  Had his mother’s embrace when hurt.   And all was fine.

Until all was lost.  Then all was replaced.

With evil voices whispering in his ears.  Evil thoughts embedding in his soul.  Evil deeds placed in his hands.

And the young man was no longer the little boy that once was.

But what if the young man still had good food, a warm bed, some soul-nourishing entertainment and a loving embrace.

What if he still had his mother’s love, his father’s pride, his teacher’s support, and his friend’s company?

Would he still listen to the evil voices whispering in his ears?  Would he still welcome the evil thoughts into his soul?  Would he still grasp the evil deeds in hands?

Or, would all have remained fine.  For him and for us.