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From the deep midnight blue, would you shine upon us tonight?

From the deep midnight blue, would you delight us tonight?

From the deep midnight blue, would you bless us tonight?

Nature’s glorious act of globalization, we await tonight;

From all four corners of the earth, we await tonight;

To celebrate in silent unity, we await tonight.

When the moon shines upon us tonight.


Yet again, we cross a bridge from one passing week to the next.  And yet again, we find ourselves tempted to rush to the end of a bridge.  But why the hurry?

How about we stroll across the bridge.  And watch the sun rise and set.  And see the moon appear and disappear.  And witness light melt into darkness, and darkness overcome by light – and back again.

How about we go by the gentle pace of nature – just for today and tomorrow.

Have an easy weekend.

A sliver of the moon breaks through the midnight blue.  It is seen in all four corners of the earth.

Nature’s glorious act of globalization.  Naturally understood, naturally accepted, and naturally practiced.  It blesses us all.

Yet, we men remain struggling with our notions of globalization.  And so we fail to understand, we fail to accept, and we fail to practice.  It hurts us all.