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He does it with a smile,

It’s just easier that way, smiling through the race,

It makes the water warmer, it makes the track smoother, it makes his legs stronger

And when he is done, he smiles.

My brother smiling proudly after completing his first triathlon


Have you heard of the mighty man that once was?

He wrestled the treacherous seas.  He confronted the harsh desserts.  He battled the fierce storms.

The mighty man is old now.

He wrestles with the spoon in his cup.  He confronts the cat standing in his walkway.  He battles with the sweater that he struggles to put on.

Yet, he lives a mighty man in the hearts and minds of those he had wrestled, confronted and battled for – when he was once a mighty man.

What if the train had said, ‘I think I can’t’?  We would have nothing.

No hero.  No triumph.  No story.

But the train had said, ‘I think I can’.  And for that we have everything.

The hero that we reincarnate.  The triumph that we realize.  And the story that we relate.

Of great people.  Of great deeds.

And for that we have our little train hero to salute, ‘Choo choo’.