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Have you heard of the mighty man that once was?

He wrestled the treacherous seas.  He confronted the harsh desserts.  He battled the fierce storms.

The mighty man is old now.

He wrestles with the spoon in his cup.  He confronts the cat standing in his walkway.  He battles with the sweater that he struggles to put on.

Yet, he lives a mighty man in the hearts and minds of those he had wrestled, confronted and battled for – when he was once a mighty man.


You walked the tightrope.

One step.  Juggling function.

Two step.  Juggling function and family.

Three step.  Juggling function, family and friends.

Four step. Juggling function, family, friends and fitness.

Five step.  Juggling function, family, friends, fitness and fun.

You reached the end of the tightrope.  Free your tired hands and let the balls drop and roll – except for two.  One in your right hand, one in your left.  For that is all your two hands should hold at the end of the rope.

Embrace them and have a balanced weekend.

Go back to where you played.  Back to where your laughs still echo against the walls.  Go back to where you fell.   Back to where your tears still stain the floor.

Go back to where you read.  Back to where your childhood books are still cherished on the shelves.  Go back to where you collected treasures.  Back to where your childhood memories are still kept in boxes.

And if the ones that played with you to make you laugh.  Picked you up to wipe your tears.  Brought you books to read to you.  And created fond memories for you to go back to – year after year after year.

If they are still there.  Linger a while, and have a good visit, a good talk, and a good laugh.

For life always allows us time to love, so long as life is still around.