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One coin in the wallet.  Lingers inside the dark pocket.  Rolls to one side and back to the other.  And stays inside, idle.

One coin dropped into the piggy bank. Clinks and chinks against others.  Travels miles, travels a mile.  Crosses borders, crosses the street.

To save a man.  To save an animal.  To save a tree.

Don’t save the coin.


To the rhythmic pattering of raindrops on your rooftop.  To the melodic chirping of birds outside your window. To the soothing brushing of the breeze against your garden trees.

To the soothing music that rises when we subside our maddening clattering.

Have a relaxing weekend.

She breathes out, we breathe in.  We breathe out, she breathes in.

She breathes out our air, we breathe in her waste.  We breathe out her air, she breathes in our waste.   In natural equilibrium.

But how generous we have been lately!  Tipping the scale ever so much.  Giving her so much more than she asks for.  More than she needs –  to breathe.

And so she ails from our suffocating generosity.