On relationships

when the lights dim in your head

remember, if you can, my name

and if my name becomes too difficult

remember my face and my smile

and if my face becomes faint

remember my voice and my rhythm

and if my voice becomes distant

remember my hand and my touch

and when the lights go off in your head,

and all else fails

remember my love in the deeps of your silent beating heart.


i prayed for children, i prayed for the right one to have them with, you came,

I got more than i asked for – much more than I asked for.

Tweet tweet my birdie, tweet

Sweet sweet my birdie, sweet


When your heart does beat

For the love you meet

Give her your golden seat

She’ll be at your feet


Tweet tweet my birdie, tweet

Sweet sweet my birdie, sweet


Night night birdie.

Hey Santa,

I’ve never written to you before. I don’t think you know me. But I know you, through pictures and movies. Sorry it took me this long to write. I know you travel all over the world. But I didn’t care for you to visit, before today. It’s not me I want you to come for. It’s him. My son. He waits for you. He has written you a letter. It’s with me if you want to read it. He expects your gifts under the Christmas tree when he wakes up in the morning. Do drop by. ¬†We don’t have a chimney. But I’m sure you can find your way in. Has he been good? He has been. He’s a good boy. My boy. I love him. Please make him happy.