On people

The white bird flew into the setting sun, melted into the orange and the red and the purple, sunk into the sea, vanished into the blue.

And then her cry echoed from the sky.



‘That girl over there… you see her?’

‘Yeah, what about her?’

‘They broke the mold after making her.’

‘Yeah, I see what you mean. But you know what I think, I think a mold is broken every time a woman is made?’

‘Yeah, true.’

‘How about us, you think we each had our own mold?’

‘Nah,  I think they kept using the same old one over and over again’

When the spiced kulfi of India, becomes the fragrant bastani of Persia, becomes the aromatic bouza of Levant, becomes the fruity gelato of Italy, becomes the tangy sorbet of France, becomes the creamy ice cream of England.

Become one big bowl of frozen desserts with different flavors, colors, aromas and textures.

Just like us people.


the earthly being, bearing wings fluttering softly to touch the sky

the virgin soul, of an erudite mind bountiful with wisdom

the sapphire heart, passing blood warm and fluid to her limbs

the harvesting hands, picking love from her giving love

the quiet female, not so quiet inside.


a birthday gift to a virgo

From the deep midnight blue, would you shine upon us tonight?

From the deep midnight blue, would you delight us tonight?

From the deep midnight blue, would you bless us tonight?

Nature’s glorious act of globalization, we await tonight;

From all four corners of the earth, we await tonight;

To celebrate in silent unity, we await tonight.

When the moon shines upon us tonight.