Monthly Archives: August 2012

Will you walk with her?  Even if you see the road ending before you; will you still walk with her?

Will you stand by her?  Even if you feel your legs giving way from the weight you carry; will you still stand by her?

Will you give yourself to her?  Even if you hear your breath fainting and there is less and less of yourself to give; will you still give that last piece of yourself to her?

You will?  You may kiss her.

Walk with you?  She will walk with you.  ‘Til the end of the road, she will walk with you.

Stand by you?  She will stand by you.  ‘Til her legs give way, she will stand by you.

Give herself to you?  She will give herself to you.  ‘Til her last breath, she will give herself to you.

And you?

Higher, higher, higher we go,

Swooshing through the clouds.

Up, up, up to the sun,

Zooming over seas.

Racing, racing, racing time,

Passing birds and bees.

Travel does tickle the little child in us.

‘Ring!’ goes the alarm.  The morning wake up call.  To another day.

Of drudgery, toil and dreariness.  A Nine to Five ordeal.

Eating away at you, day by day by day.

That’s dying.  Don’t die.


‘Ring!’ goes the alarm.  The morning wake up call.  To a new day.

Of giving, inspiring and aspiring.  A daylong enlivenment.

Feeding your soul, day by day by day.

That’s living.  Do live.