Back stage

In silence strums the solitude poet;

His words his strings, his pen his pick, his poem his song;

To be sung on stage by another, to an oblivious crowd.

He stands back stage.

  1. this is very very pretty. How long have you been writing poetry for?

    • Thank you Coco, so happy you enjoyed this, me being a fan of your writing. How long have I been writing? Well, I wrote my first poem in the fifth grade, and I got recognised for it. Didn’t stop writing since.

      • wow, that is really amazing. do you still have the poem? you should post it. Also…how long have you been writing copy for? and what kind do you write?

      • Wish I did! Lost it during a house move when I was young. But I remember the first line that was repeated in the last, ‘I drew a house with a grey sky moving’. I wrote it behind a charcoal drawing I made of a small house that was next to my school. I remember how the words gushed out of me so naturally and smoothly. Oh it breaks my heart when I remember that I lost that drawing and poem!

      • what a pretty line, very deep for a 5th grader. you should rewrite it. 🙂

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