Walk with you

Walk with you?  She will walk with you.  ‘Til the end of the road, she will walk with you.

Stand by you?  She will stand by you.  ‘Til her legs give way, she will stand by you.

Give herself to you?  She will give herself to you.  ‘Til her last breath, she will give herself to you.

And you?

  1. I imagine “she” must be pretty incredible- an honor to be loved by and to love.

  2. it’s clear I read these in the order, yet i like the order i read them in….this time the goosbumbs started in my legs and went up into my arms….i like simple things the best, this is simple yet means/says so much. BRAVO!

    • Again, thank you. After years of writing and reading, I came to understand that ‘cryptic’ writing will end up meaning nothing to the reader. A writer wants to say something through her writing, but what good is it if the message isn’t clear. Simplicity is the key.

      • i couldn’t agree more, which is why i dislike that my posts drag on when i desire them to be shorter. i always will read more of one’s writing when it is short and concise.

      • It is obvious that you keep on writing and writing and writing without looking back. Your words almost seem to stumble and trip as they race to get to the page (screen). But you write beautifully. So enjoy it, after all, your fans are. I know I am.

      • Well put and true…..:) thank you

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