Monthly Archives: July 2012

Step away from his writing room.  And keep his door closed.  (But have his window slightly open to let in fresh air.)

Now keep it quiet, so that he can hear the voices inside his head.

He will write something great, he promises.

A masterpiece he will dedicate to you and to me.


At the week’s end,

when the evening winds down into quiet darkness after a long summer day, have a good long pillow talk and end it with a good night kiss.   And fall in love all over again.

Have a love thick weekend.

Right this moment, inside a home in a faraway land, sits a man with his eyes shut.  He daydreams.  He listens to the sugar almond rain over the roof of his home – celebrating sweet love and sweet life.

While inside a home in another faraway land, a man sits with his eyes open in front of the television screen.  He watches the grey pellets rain over the other man’s home – celebrating bitter hatred and bitter death.

Our minds are closets with many little compartments.  In each compartment we stash away a memory, an emotion or experience.  Some compartments we open and close.  Some we leave ajar. Some we keep shut.

From time to time, we need to empty the closet.  And separate things between ‘keep’ and ‘forgo’.

For a thorough spring cleaning of the mind.

The bell rings.  The classroom door swings open.  The children run out to the playground.

Amongst them is the leader.  He leads the children.  The children follow his every move, his every word, his every command.

While at the far end of the playground stands a timid boy, an onlooker, unwelcomed by the leader, unwelcomed by his followers.  He stands alone.

Twenty years onward.  The timid boy creates something amazing for the people.  The people follow his every move, his every word, his every inspiration.

While at the far end of the world stands the once glorious leader, with no one to lead.

You walked the tightrope.

One step.  Juggling function.

Two step.  Juggling function and family.

Three step.  Juggling function, family and friends.

Four step. Juggling function, family, friends and fitness.

Five step.  Juggling function, family, friends, fitness and fun.

You reached the end of the tightrope.  Free your tired hands and let the balls drop and roll – except for two.  One in your right hand, one in your left.  For that is all your two hands should hold at the end of the rope.

Embrace them and have a balanced weekend.

One coin in the wallet.  Lingers inside the dark pocket.  Rolls to one side and back to the other.  And stays inside, idle.

One coin dropped into the piggy bank. Clinks and chinks against others.  Travels miles, travels a mile.  Crosses borders, crosses the street.

To save a man.  To save an animal.  To save a tree.

Don’t save the coin.

In an abundant kitchen, of a fine home, in a magnificent city, of a prosperous country, a mother hides the leftover cake from the children.  They had too much cake.

In a bare kitchen, of a frail home, in a dusty village, of an unfortunate country, a mother stirs the empty pot until the children fall asleep.  They never tasted cake.

His little hand sits in hers.

She holds it to guide.  She holds it to protect.  She holds it to love.

And he gives her his hand.


His hand is not little any more.  And his hand does not sit in hers.

Her hand now sits in his.

He holds it to guide.  He holds it to protect.  He holds it to love.

And she gives him her hand.