Sliver of the moon

A sliver of the moon breaks through the midnight blue.  It is seen in all four corners of the earth.

Nature’s glorious act of globalization.  Naturally understood, naturally accepted, and naturally practiced.  It blesses us all.

Yet, we men remain struggling with our notions of globalization.  And so we fail to understand, we fail to accept, and we fail to practice.  It hurts us all.

  1. It took me three reads to get this one 🙂 I think I’m getting better! Oh no wait…

    • Ravena, thank you for taking such an interest in my writings. All I can say is that this piece has a major theme and a second one embeded. But it belongs to you now; interpret it the way you want. I now only own its words, you own its meaning.

  2. RAB said:

    “Nature’s glorious act of globalization.” I love it. I think the poem could almost stop there, in fact: “globalization,” such a human and current word, both cultural and political, seems to imply the rest. It is the right word. In a way, the three simple observations–the moon shines; the moon shines on the whole world; globalization–make a haiku, regardless of syllables….

    • It’s funny you mention that it could read as a Haiku. I do write Haikus and this may have influenced the writing style of the pieces in this blog. I do tend to think in ‘threes’. Thanks for making me realize!

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