When writing

Be pretentious and write of what is untrue to yourself.  Be arrogant and write with words unfamiliar to yourself.  Be selfish and write in a language confined to yourself.


Be true and write of what is close to your heart.  Be humble and write with the simple words you speak.  And be generous and write with the openness that invites all to love, laugh and learn with you.


P.S. Writing that is pretentious, arrogant and selfish is best kept under one’s pillow.

  1. emmort said:

    I completely agree. Flamboyant language is great when your trying to ace a spelling test, but simple language lasts and those with real skill can use it to create more vivid imagery than stuffy pretension ever could.

  2. People recognized honesty in writing, as in real life, and are attracted to it.

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